Are you longing

  • To lead a more relaxed and balanced life?
  • To improve your performance and gain greater satisfaction?
  • To move on in life, to deal better with change, illness and loss?
  • To find more passion and fun in life/work/relationships?
  • To cope more effectively with problems relating to your children, or parents?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, please come and meet me. My name is José Steer. I can counsel and coach you, to help reduce the stress you may be experiencing with all manner of life events and to live up to your full potential. Perhaps you are 'stuck' in old patterns and ways of responding that are no longer in synch with your present life. We can identify them together, and find better ways of dealing with these situations. I can help you make choices that will contribute to your personal development and growth in your life and work.

I firmly believe that people have a fundamental need to connect: with ourselves, other people, with a specific task or mission, and with the wider world around us. This enables us to lead a motivated life. Furthermore, people flourish when they do what they are good at, what gives them joy, and what challenges them.

A good conversation can bring instant relief. Therapy is often described as endless talk and digging into the past. It is also said that one initially tends to feel worse before being able to benefit from counseling. This, however, is simply a myth. I offer short-term psychosocial, solution-oriented counseling. I am able to get to the bottom of matters very quickly. Lasting change can usually be brought about in only five sessions; often, two or three sessions are enough; and, sometimes only a single session is sufficient to be able to get a grip on life again.

I earned my Masters in Education in 1987, and have over 20 years of experience in counseling (Linkedin Profile). I keep abreast of developments in my fields. I became a qualified Change Counselor in 2009, and have been certified as Human Givens Therapist in 2013. This holistic approach combines a wealth of proven psychotherapeutic skills and insights from sociology and biology to empower clients. Recent scientific findings in brain research are also included to facilitate quick results.

Counseling/coaching sessions are strictly confidential. Even when a third party, for instance an employer, pays for sessions, no information is shared without the client's prior permission. However, in my experience, openness and transparency in communication, if possible, usually works best.

Rates for individuals: € 90 per hour (VAT included). The first session costs € 60 per hour: the introductory first 20 minutes are free of charge. If we decide there is mutual trust, we can proceed from there. Rates for businesses: € 110 per hour (VAT excluded). Rates may vary depending on the scope and complexity of the course of treatment.


For additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me:

José Steer
M: +31683594704
E: jose.steer@upcmail.nl